Kern Whelan Capital manages a diversified investment portfolio stretching from new ventures to established and profitable businesses across many industry sectors. We invest in only a few companies each year, and partner with outstanding management teams for the long term. While we typically are active members of the board of directors for our businesses, we do not seek involvement in their daily operations. Through a long term approach to the liquidity horizon, Kern Whelan investments are not beholden to a single exit strategy, but are instead opportunistic about investor capital return whether through M&A, IPO, recap, dividend, or otherwise.

Investment Approach
We back strong management teams in companies that generate, or have the potential to generate, operating profit margins of 15% or better. We look for a history of internal growth in a capital efficient manner with good prospects for future growth. We remain opportunistic investors, however, and will not rule out any opportunity with strong cash flow potential. We prefer simple capital structures so that our interests are more closely aligned with management. As Kern Whelan principals we demonstrate our commitment to the success of our investors, management and business by typically serving as the largest personal investors in each of our portfolio companies.


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